Loads happening + nothing happening

Loads happening + nothing happening

I really haven’t thought this one through very much, so I thought I would write a bit off the cuff.

April 2022 is quite challenging in the sense that I just can’t believe that is it almost the end of April already, I will be 44 in May (how did that happen?) and it just feels like there is a lot going on, but also nothing.

It could be a bit of a hangover from Covid lockdowns. Where my body and mind are just not in full swing yet. We are doing all the things again, but not getting anywhere. Or is it that it just seems to drain me a lot easier.


Great things never come from comfort zones
— Unknown

And to be honest I am truly blessed and have nothing to complain about really, it just feels like a lot right now. There are many exciting things happening in my art business that I am super happy about and I can’t wait to share. I have been entering shows all over the place (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can still vote for me a the Aspire Art Gallery, Petite Pieces 2022 show ) I am taking on commissions, working 4 days a week consulting and also trying to get as much family time with my kids as possible. We also managed to jam a week-long holiday in there for Easter to Port Douglas, which was amazing. So nothing as you can see to complain about, just lots of good things and normal everyday life.

I thought I would share where I am at in 2022 as I am positive I am not the only one that feels like this. That howe we use to live and what felt to be normal everyday life, now feels like way too many things to juggle.

However, I will continue to keep practising my breathing, listening to my podcasts, Eckhart Tolle & Oprah Winfrey are my favourites, and I have only recently stumbled across Natalie Parker who is full of so much wisdom if you’re running an art biz, and continue to slowly build my own art biz bit by bit you can see what I have available here vanessamaverart.com

Well I will keep this one short this month, but look out for my newsletter as I have a really special gift for all of my subscribers. So if you are not a subscriber yet, now is the time to sign up. I will also be revealing a few other exciting things that are coming up and don’t forget I still have a few tea-towels and totes left but they are running out super fast.

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