More meaning in the everyday

More meaning in the everyday

Hello 👋

I’ve made it to my second blog post for 2022. I can’t believe it. I have been meaning to do this for a few years, so this is progress.

I have always thought I was a fairly down-to-earth, a bit of a procrastinator, but live in the moment kind of person. Set myself mini goals and tick them off as I go along.

No major goal setting, like running a global company or owning an island. More just day to day, year to year type goals. I am not a real long-term planner either, more of a ‘what have I got to do today?’.

I have never really worried about how things are going to turn out, I am not afraid of change. Of course, I have had moments and seasons of challenging times when there is a lot of uncertainty (haven’t we all), but I always had hope. I have hope that I will get myself through, I trust that I have the know how to turn things around.

I also know I am surrounded by people I know will always be behind me in those uncertain times. And I always have hope that things will be ok. 

"In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." — Buddha

So late last year I was just coasting along (in a I’m in lockdown during a global pandemic, kind of coasting way), worrying more about whether I’ve remembered to varnish the painting I just sold online or did I forget to order the milk with the grocery delivery and now I’m going to have to actually leave the house and go into the shops.  When I received some life changing news about someone I love, news that kind of stopped me in my tracks.

Life changing news not only makes all those little daily things fade into insignificance it also makes you take a closer look at other parts of yourself and your life and really start to consider their importance. It also takes you to that place, if these things can happen to a positive, happy, healthy, person, then this could surely happen to anyone? Me? It really does force you to take a good hard look at your situation, your decisions. Where your time is being wasted, energy sucked.

And ask yourself, are you really a ‘live in the moment’ person, or are you just stressing like everyone else about mindless things, being busy for the sake of being busy. Am I that ‘down-to-earth’ person I think I am, or am I just accepting or avoidant so that I can get on with my many tasks and not have to provide my opinion or be confronted by what I do not want to face. I don’t have any answers. Sorry. 

I just know that from here I will be definitely looking at things through a very different lens. A much more thoughtful, considered, empathic lens and finding joy in every moment.

Thanks for reading and following.

Vanessa x

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