Is consistency key?

Is consistency key?

Ok ok I always start these talking about how quickly time is passing, but this time it really is warranted. How is it already half way through March, a quarter of the year is gone?

I had so many plans to get better at consistency. Consistently writing my blog, consistently sending my newsletter, consistently running workshops, consistently showing up online, consistently painting, but at a certain point I had to be realistic, that working full time, running around after a 4 year old and driving a 15 year old to all of their commitments that I was consistent, but just in different areas. 

Instead of getting down on myself about it all though, I changed my mindset. I decided that instead of thinking I should be delivering all the things I see other small business owners doing online, I chose to look at my own life, commitments and responsibilities and create a plan around that. One that made me feel good about all the things I am doing, and not feel crap about all the things I am not doing. 

I have slowed everything down.

I have chosen not to enter all of the art shows and art prizes.

I have chosen not to try and paint every single day, instead finding blocks where it makes sense and also sketching into my notebook

I have chosen to use time where I am waiting for school to finish or at pick ups to get some admin done or brainstorming

I have chosen to concentrate on areas where I need to improve, such as the art business itself, the sales and my techniques and style. 

It is still a struggle with a lot of juggling, but if things fall outside of the plan, or there is a change, we just have to shift and move around it.

I do believe that the Universe will know when you are ready, and not before.
Nic Everist (LOVE Nic), when I was in her mentoring group, said to me that I am really good at the 1 percenters, which I am. But I have barriers with long term goals, Nic didn’t say that bit, I say that, especially with my own business and own personal development, the things that need a lot more time to evolve. There is definitely a bit of self sabotage in there.  

That said, I have been painting since I was a child, I kept going even when it did not make sense, I kept going even when I had a lot of negative feedback, and I kept going when I was told I was wasting my time, and now it is an obsession. 

So I continue on my journey, going a bit slower, being a bit nicer to myself and really loving every minute of it. Life is such a privilege. And I remind myself that I am just not good at long term goals, yet.

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