Celebrate the Wins

Celebrate the Wins

It is the end of August and I am feeling like the year has just flown by. But if I really think about everything that has happened this year, the things I have achieved and ticked off my goals list there has been loads. 

It is often easy to forget all the good things that we have achieved. Little and big things can become such distant memories and so quickly as well. The next bad day we have we instantly forget all the lovely things that we have been able to to enjoy over the past year. Especially when we all have so many other things to contend with and even just the day to day living. Family get togethers, work, children, fur babies, good times with friends and not so good times. Hard things people we love are going through, or we are going through. Financial strains, illness, and the list goes on. 

Remember that what you now have was once among the things you hoped for.
— Epicurus

As always I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and one of my favourites The Full Time Artist, with Nic Everist was talking about really enjoying and celebrating the wins no matter how big or how small. Because they pass really quickly and then we move on and get on with our lives and forget that ‘that’ was the thing that we had been working toward. It was on our vision board. When we wrote it down, it was a pipe dream, there was a part of us that thought it wouldn’t actually happen, we thought ‘it’s too big for us’, we couldn’t possibly make that a reality. But then through hard work and consistency it does happen, and then we move straight onto the next thing and we have already forgotten to celebrate that last thing.

As I was listening to this podcast and hearing someone else say ‘look back a year ago and think about what you had not achieved then, but wanted to, and then look at today’ it really made me double take and think oh yeah, 2 years ago I was not in retails stores, or a gallery, nor was I planning an exhibition or painting large commissions. So I have decided that from now on I will celebrate all the wins. I will stop, pause, and breath and take stock and be in the moment. Because these, days, months, and years are moving rather quickly so I want to breath it all in and enjoy every single moment of it. 

Thanks for reading,

Vanessa x 

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