All of the things

All of the things

Hello 👋 I hope you are going great. 

You might have noticed that I did not get a newsletter or blog out for May (or maybe you didn’t  😂) I was struck down with the Flu and well became completely useless.  I have never had the flu before, so I am guilty of being a bit ignorant to its powers. I’m even going to get the flu shot as I definitely do not want that again. It literally knocked me out for the best part of two weeks. As it was I was already struggling to squeeze everything in to my schedule.

(Real footage of me trying to escape the house)

This year I made a promise to myself that I was going to say yes to most things (within reason) and get my work into more galleries, shows and retail stores. I also kept in mind that I was only going to say yes and do all the things if they would not compromise time with my kids and my health.

Epic fail. 

A couple of things I did not consider when I  made this pact with myself,

  • When you have children lots of random things pop up that you were just not expecting.

  • With winter comes lots of colds and flus and other nasty bugs

  • All the galleries in the entire world seem to have all the shows on at exactly the same time!

  • My work would miss a ton of deadlines increasing the amount of work I had to do in a very short space of time

  • Me getting said flu and being bedridden for the best part of 2 weeks

There are two types of tired. One that requires rest, and one that requires peace.
— Sylvester McNutt

So I figured with all that going on you wouldn’t mind if I skipped the blog and newsletter. 

A few of my learnings:

  • Rest is paramount

  • I can’t do all the things

  • I will get there at my own pace

  • When you can’t do any exercise or move, it is amazing how much one misses exercise

  • Reading is medicine

  • I would need to be in hospital bandaged from head to toe for my kids to stop asking me what’s for dinner

  • Life goes on

That is all I have this month. Please get in touch if you have any questions about my artwork or would like to find out where you can see some of my art.

Happy June,


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